Created in early 2017 by Medium’s ex-Head of Data Science, Meum is an art exhibit for your home that changes with your tastes. Meum helps you find art you love, and you can swap it at any time.

With a Meum membership, you pick an art print from suggestions tailored for you and receive it along with a custom frame. You then get ongoing recommendations and can change your print up to 4 times a year. Each limited edition print is exclusive to the Meum collection, and the custom frame makes it easy to swap them out.

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Meum was born out of a passion for art and the desire to make it more accessible. Meum’s mission is simple: to make it easy to just... love art.

Meum was created in early 2017 by the ex-Head of Data Science at Medium, Mike Sall. While leading the data science team at Medium, Mike was also a painter at a collaborative artist studio in San Francisco, where he made oil paintings of emoji. It was these paintings that led to the original inspiration for Meum. As more people asked to buy the works — many of whom had never purchased art before — Mike discovered a large community of people who want to have art but don’t have an easy way to get started.

To fix this, Mike founded Meum, an art membership that lets you enjoy rotating art for a monthly fee. Meum is like having “your own small museum” in your home. It’s an elegant solution that takes a cue from services like Netflix and Spotify, which have shown that more and more, people want access to changing content over time. Meum believes it’s time to apply that model to art. With a Meum membership, you can enjoy lots of art without the pressure of a lifetime commitment or the hassle of finding what you like.

Meum’s approach takes on an increasing divide in the art market. As the space consolidates around larger galleries, accessible art is only becoming harder to find. Small independent galleries have been forced to close in the face of rising rent. And all other options require you to scour for what you want on your own and make a big investment upfront. For people who love art and want to upgrade from their old college posters or finally complete that one blank wall, there simply isn’t an easy option.

Meum’s solution flips art retail on its head by turning single purchases into an ongoing experience. For $28 a month, you receive a framed art print (Meum helps you find one you love), and then you can swap your print at anytime, up to 4 times a year. The monthly fee also goes into your personal Meum account, which you can use to eventually buy framed prints for $400.

To date, Meum has curated an exclusive collection of art featuring dozens of emerging artists around the world. It has been running a closed beta with early testers. And now with Kickstarter, Meum is opening the service more broadly, finally making art accessible to a new generation of art appreciators.

About the Founder

Mike Sall is the founder of Meum, as well as one of its artists. He was previously the Head of Data Science at Medium, where he built and led the team. Mike has also led analytics for a number of design-focused subscriptions including Adobe Creative Cloud and Typekit. Beyond tech, Mike has a longstanding love of art. He is a painter at a collaborative artist studio in San Francisco, where he makes oil paintings of emoji. He also graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with a degree in Art History (in addition to studying Finance at the Wharton School). It’s this unique combination of a love of art and appreciation for data that founds the basis for Meum’s approach.