Frequently Asked Questions

What is Meum and how does it work?

Meum is a monthly membership for limited edition art prints. When you join, we ask you a few questions to start learning what you like. We then provide some suggestions and help you find your first art print. We send you the print along with a custom frame. Then each month, we send you new recommendations of art we think you might like. When you see one you like, you let us know and we send you the art print for you to swap. Shipping is free and easy both ways.

What artists and artworks are in the collection?

Our curators work closely with emerging artists from all backgrounds throughout the world. We’ve curated a unique collection of art of all mediums — painting, illustration, photography, mixed media, and more. The one common element is that all of our selected artworks have an interesting story to tell, and we believe they’ll resonate with the Meum member community.

How do you recommend art to members?

We combine human curation with data algorithms to learn over time what you like and find art we think you’ll love. In our recommendations, we include both art that perfectly fits your art style profile as well as art that is completely different from what you’ve seen before. Our goal is to provide a delightfully surprising experience that helps you explore new artists you wouldn’t have found otherwise.

How do the monthly recommendations and swaps work?

Each month, we send you a selection of new artwork recommendations personalized to your art style profile. When you see a recommendation you like, you let us know. We then send you a limited edition print of the artwork. You swap the art print in your frame, and you send back the other art print in the pre-addressed Meum mailer we provide.

How do I receive shipments?

We deliver shipments to the address you provide. It is up to you to provide a secure address where you can receive shipments — we do not recommend leaving shipments at a doorstep where they may be taken.

Do I pay for shipping?

No, the shipping is already included in your monthly membership fee.

Can I buy the art?

Yes, you may have an option to purchase the frame and art print.

Customer Service

If you have additional questions, you send us an email at