Meum Artist Program

The Meum Artist Program works with artists to do a limited run of high-quality art prints for the Meum collection. Our mission is to match talented artists with a new community of art collectors. As part of the program, we handle all printing, framing, and shipping to best showcase your work. We are open submission and welcome all backgrounds.

Program Structure

How do artists apply?

You can apply to the Meum Artist Program by visiting our Apply Page and submitting your information.

How are artists paid?

For each artwork, we agree on a total license rate to make 10 limited edition prints. Then we start recommending your artwork to Meum members based on their art style profiles. When the first member requests your artwork (in other words, when we need the first print), we pay you upfront for all 10 prints — even if we won’t eventually need all 10 of them.

We think this is a nice balance. It helps compensate you upfront as much as possible so you don’t have to worry about future usage, and at the same time it makes sure we have at least some demand.

What happens to the original artwork?

You keep the original artwork, and you maintain all rights to the original artwork.


How is it limited?

For each artwork, we have only 10 prints. Over time, multiple Meum members might enjoy those prints, but there are only 10.

The artist individually signs and numbers each print. To make it easy, at the beginning we send you an envelope (with return postage) that has small cards for you to sign and number. Then you send us back the signature cards and we affix them to each print.

What happens if my artwork becomes popular? Will you make more prints?

We’ll always limit a particular artwork to 10 prints. But if many Meum members like your artwork, we would love to add more of your artworks to our collection.

Is there a minimum or maximum number of artworks per artist?

No. Just one artwork is enough, and there is no maximum.


How do you choose which artworks to include?

Our curators work closely with artists to find artworks we thinking will resonate with the Meum member community. It’s a collaborative process where we ask artists what they’d like to include and our curators suggest pieces from their portfolios

Is everyone accepted to the program?

Unfortunately not. We are looking for a diverse range of art and backgrounds, but we’ll be limited to art that our curators believe are a fit with our collection.

Do artists choose the frame for the artwork?

No. We have designed a unique Meum frame for members to use that makes it easy to hang and swap out art prints. The frame also has a subtle color and design, so it does not distract from the artwork.

Art Format

What art formats do you accept?

We need a digital image of the artwork, but the artwork itself can be any format: illustration, painting, mixed media, digital, sculpture (photos of the sculpture), photography, or anythign else.

What size does the art need to be?

The original artwork can be any size. The digital image of the artwork needs to be a high enough resolution for a high-quality print that is 24″ along the longest dimension. The minimum resolution depends on the image, but generally we need 150dpi, which comes out to 3600px for 24 inches. However, the bigger the image, the better.

If the image you submit still looks pixely when printed, we’ll let you know we need a better image — we ensure every print looks great.

Also, you don’t need to worry about making your image fit a specific size or aspect ratio. You can send over what you have, and as long as the image is big enough, we’ll take care of the rest.

Does the artwork need to be square?

No. We include horizontal and vertical artworks in addition to square artworks. The Meum frame is square (30″×30″), but we designed it to have a slightly wider matboard boarder on the sides or top/bottom, depending on the aspect ratio of the artwork.

What is the print material and quality?

Print quality is one of our top priorities. These are fine art prints, not posters. We use a high-quality inkjet printer on Hahnemühle William Turner Watercolor paper. The paper is 310gsm card stock with a matt watercolor texture that has a genuine mould-made look and feel. We also send the prints flat, not rolled up, so the paper is never distorted.


How will artists be promoted?

A big part of Meum’s mission is to expose artists to new audiences. We do this in a number of ways. For our monthly recommendations, we send Meum members a set of postcards that feature artworks and encourage members to send those postcards to their friends. We are also building active social media channels, as well as our Meum publication, to share artworks and artist stories. In communities such San Francisco, we will be hosting art shows with local galleries and companies to feature our artists. And lastly, we’re working with top publications and PR agencies to find more ways to expose our membership and artists to more people.

Can members purchase art?

Yes, we will provide an option for members to purchase the prints with the frame. When they do, we provide artists a percentage of the sales.

How do you recommend art to members?

We combine human curation with data algorithms to learn over time what Meum members like and match them with art we think they’ll love. In our recommendations, we include both art that perfectly fits members’ art style profiles as well as art that is completely different from what they’ve seen before. Our goal is to provide a delightfully surprising experience that helps members discover new artists they never knew they loved.