Apply to the Meum Artist Program

The Meum Artist Program works with artists to do a limited run of high-quality art prints for the Meum collection. Our mission is to match talented artists with a new community of art collectors. As part of the program, we handle all printing, framing, and shipping to best showcase your work. We are open submission and welcome all backgrounds. Learn more here.


Before applying, please note that if we include you in the program, we’ll need a high-quality image of each artwork. For more details, read more about our Artist Program.


To apply, please email the following information to

A) A brief biography

No more than 100-200 words providing some background about your work.

B) Artwork portfolio

Please provide a link to your portfolio or include attachments with example images of your work.

C) Online precence & CV

Please provide links to any personal websites or social media accounts. We are open to all backgrounds, but please attach or link to a recent CV/resume if you have one.

Timing and Process

After you email us, we’ll review your application and get back to you within a week. If our curators believe your art is a good fit for our collection, we’ll share next steps.